Thursday, October 22, 2009

Master Bedroom Musings

In the four months post-wedding, the upstairs living quarters of our new home have been largely ignored. It's not that I don't care about the state of our guest rooms and the appeal of the master bedroom. Rather, I focused on the more public area of the home first. While the downstairs common area is far from complete, it is in a holding state, and I can now focus on the embarassingly sparse personal space, known as the Master Bedroom.

Our Master Bedroom is spacious, and our current furniture set up will need to be reworked. However, I decided to start with the less daunting, less expensive task of selecting window treatments and lighting.
I recently purchased a gorgeous duvet and shams that met both the husband's very particular softness standard and my limited color and pattern pallate. I have been eyeing the set since July, but I could not bite the bullet due to price. Luckily, I have a shopping savvy interior designer of a mother who found a $200 off coupon for Restoration Hardware. Hooray!
The color of the bedding is a pale blue, cream, brown, camel, and tan. While many of those colors sound the same, I assure you-- they are not. Rather than the deep brown quilt on the bed above, the husband and I opted for a tan quilt that better suits our neutral tastes. I do love the idea of incorporating a chocolate brown, however. My once again fabulous mother, recommended that I add warmth and texture to the very neutral room by hanging rich, velvety chocolate curtains. I loved the idea! However, we have dark wooden blinds on the bedroom windows, so the fabric would have to be just the right shade of brown. What's a girl to do? I immediately headed to obtain fabric samples of several shades of brown. (I will post fabric samples and our final decision soon!) Here is the look we are going for:Finally, the husband also hates the pre-marriage, very feminine bedside lamps in the Master Bedroom. I recently read a design blog featuring these classicly chic gourd lamps that are everywhere right now. I heart them and immediately began searching out more affordable alternatives. Once again, my personal interior designer pulled through. Check out the blue gourd lamp below from Pottery Barn. One of these on either side of the bed will add just the right amount of color, serenity, and style.
I have not made any purchases yet. I am headed to the beach for a fabulous wedding weekend where I will be sure to dish and discuss these ideas with the girls. Let me know what you think!