Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bookshelf Painting Project: Before & After

It was a busy weekend at the Edmonds' household (or should I say the Edmonds Inn?):

Our friend Leigh stayed with us for a weekend visit and wedding dress fitting. Ryan's brother Chad and his girlfriend Carly came in town to help us with some projects around the house (bookshelf painting, electric dog fence installation, pressure washing, stripping the deck, etc...whew!) Chad's friend and his girlfriend from Knoxville crashed at our house for the night after the Braves game on Friday

I got up early Saturday morning to be sure that I had time to complete my bookshelf transformation, as promised. I am so pleased with the results. Check out the project in pictures below:


I started by clearing off all of the accessories and then removing the shelves themselves.

I then sanded the wall, dusted, and taped off the edges.

Ta da! I applied two coats of a soft green paint.

(It's hard to see the green in this picture. I think I used the flash. I will try to snap a few more. It's a subtle change-- but you can tell in person. It looks great!)
What do you think?


Friday, August 6, 2010

Urban Outfitters Furniture?

I discovered Urban Outfitters' furniture collection today. Am I the only one who didn't know this existed? Not only are their pieces beautiful and current, but they are easy on the wallet too. Check out some of the items I have been perusing...

Edie Velvet Couch. $558.

Modern Velvet Headboard. $328.

Two Tiery Table. $98.

Jet Set Storage Bench. $248.

Slope Chair. $348.

Slipper Chair. $328.
Rolling Side Table. $158.

Antoinette Fainting Sofa. $578.

Gigi Nightstand. $148.
Metal Accordion Coffee Table. $128.

What's your favorite piece? Happy Shopping!

All my best,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekend Project: Painting the Bookshelves

The paint is purchased. There is no turning back now! Over a year ago, my mom suggested painting the back of our living room bookshelves to add a bit of color to the room. Doing so would also highlight the books, knickknacks, and the like on display in this focal point of our home.

I have gone back and forth-- and back and forth-- over whether we should do it. What if I hate it? What if the color is off? I have finally realized that if I hate it I am only out the $13.09 that I spent on paint last night at Lowe's. I can paint it back. No. Big. Deal.

So...wish me luck! I will post before and after pictures once it's complete!

Here's a peek at some of my inspiration pictures:

Not the right palette for our house-- but I love the look.

Martha Stewart

This is the same concept-- but for the kitchen. Can you imagine how boring that would be if it was all white?
Martha Stewart

Maybe a little bright...but doesn't it draw in your attention?

House & Home

I am hoping that my results look a little more like this example. I am using a similar shade of green as a back drop...
Martha Stewart

Thoughts? Advice?

All my best,