Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Baaack...I Think?

Oh hey there!  Miss me?  I'm afraid that I have once again neglected my little blog.  I promise it's with good reason.

I bet you're wondering if it's because I've been cooking up a storm? Finishing my Master Bedroom Master Decor Plan?  No and no.  (...though the Master Bedroom is ALMOST done and ready for a reveal. I've heard from many of you who are anxiously awaiting photos!)

We have been busy though...I left you with images of Ryan's birthday celebration back in March.   Well, the very same day as that post we discovered that I was PREGNANT!  That's a right -- a little Edmonds is on her way!  (In fact, Emily Britt Edmonds is due in just 5.5 weeks.  Time flies.)

My pregnancy has been extremely healthy and smooth -- with one little distraction.  I threw up.  A lot.  Every day.  Until I was 6.5 months pregnant.  Hence, the lack of blogging.  (People kept telling me that it would get better after the first trimester, and I would smile and say "I am 26 weeks pregnant!") I look back now, and it doesn't seem that bad.  I think that they call that Momnesia.  However, the thought of blogging (or doing anything worthy of blogging about, including cooking, decorating, hosting, etc) was so far from the front of my mind.  So I just didn't.

So, I'm having a baby.  What else have I been doing that's kept me from posting you might ask?

Oh yeah, Ryan and I developed a product. And launched a business. The idea for a reusable, eco-friendly gift wrap came about over a year ago for a business school class on entrepreneurship I was taking.

It took us almost a full year from my initial business plan to fully prototype, file a patent, source materials, develop packaging and marketing materials, find sales reps, and get our product to market.  (Whew.)  It has been extremely exhilarating and a lot of hard work -- but we did it.  We are still doing it.  And, I promise to keep you apprised of our progress.  (Now, go buy a lilywrap and support our growing family!  Or, at least follow us on Facebook.) 

So there you have it.  A baby and a business.  Oh, and a full time job, a few fun vacations, a nursery to decorate, volunteer work..

I promise to TRY to be better about posting.  (I will have plenty of time on my hands come November, right?!)  I need to update you on the Master Bedroom, Emily's nursery, a few baby showers, new recipes and more.

Stay tuned!