Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Pictures: My Christmas Decor

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Everett's 1st Birthday: A Charlie Brown Christmas

In our family December not only calls for a Christmas celebration -- but the celebration of my nephew, Everett!  He turned one earlier in the month -- and celebrated in a big way!  The theme of the day, Charlie Brown Christmas, embraced the season.  We held the party at my house -- but the details of the day were the mastermind of my sister-in-law Paige, my mom, and her mom, Sandra.  Everything turned out so cute -- they did an amazing job!

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

Welcome to the party!

You've come a long way from tubes to help you breathe to walking!

Favors for the guests -- goodies in Charlie Brown buckets that included Snoopy fruit snacks and York peppermint patties!


Homemade Snoopy Doghouse Birthday Cake!  Made with love by Nana.

Beverage station -- with drinks for kids and "big" kids.

Snuggling with Nana.

Cousin Addyson, Uncle Brian, and Dave hang with the boys on the deck.

The food table is open featuring Charlie's Chicken Chili, Pig Pen's Dirt Balls, Lucy's Mini Mac 'n Cheese, The Great Pumpkin Bread, Snoopy's Snack Mix, Sally's Fruit Salad, Peppermint Patty's Peppermint Pretzels, & Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Popcorn.


EV is so excited to be 1!

A glimpse into our future...{We figured it would be smart to round up some toys for the 15 kiddos coming to our house.  We are the boring aunt & uncle with no toys!}

I was nervous about having so many little ones in our not-at-all-childproofed home -- but they seemed to have a good time.  And stay injury-free.  (At least during the party, EV bopped his forehead and nose the night before.  Whoops.)


Happy First Birthday, Everett!  We love you!