Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another's Abode: Closet Organization

My most popular, talked about post to date was about my pantry organization project. Apparently, my readers are either a) super organized or b) wish they were. In honor of your desire for more clean content, I offer you images of a recent closet organization mission taken on by my cousin in Washington DC. Lauren has a beautiful two bedroom condo in Arlington, Virginia. Like me, Lauren embraces organization and gets excited by things like drawer organizers, wicker baskets (the perfect wedding gift--thanks, Lauren!), and plastic tote containers. Her high? The Container Store. Unlike me, Lauren actually acts on her love of organization.

Check out the new Elfa system she purchased from The Container Store below. Sigh....

Okay, who is jealous? Who is going to clean their closet this weekend? I know I am.

Have a great Friday!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Audrey & Hugh's Couples Shower

We threw a fun couples shower, along with several other couples, for our dear friends Audrey and Hugh in late June. Remember the chic invitation designed by Emily McCarthy of Emma J Design?

As usual, I was running around like crazy until the last minute, so I did not get pictures of the complete set-up. Here is a quick glance at the event:

The sweet couple.
Drinks. (Wish I would have gotten a better shot.)
Appetizers on the deck.
The spread.

The scene.
Happy Tuesday!

All my best,

Scott's Buy: Ship Clock

Those of you who know me well know that I love nautical-inspired decor. Buoys? Got 'em. Large ship replica? Done. Therefore, you will not be surprised by how excited I was to find an antique ship clock for sale at Scott's last weekend. (I was even more excited by the $22 price tag!) This clock was mine from the moment I saw it:

{Note: It was an added benefit that I found it at the booth of some friends, Cheryl and Susan, and was able to support their new venture!)

At first, I planned to hang it between the windows in my dining room. But alas, it was too small and looked insignificant. I looked for wall space in the living room/office, but the spots just weren't right. My mom suggested I try placing the clock on the second shelf of my three-tiered glass coffee table. I LOVE it! It looks great and is such an interesting piece to show through. Now, I just need to work on updating the rest of the accessories in/on the table.

These pictures do not do justice for how great the clock looks in its new spot!

What do you think?

All my best,

Where Should the Foo Dogs Live?

Here I am smiling with excitement over one of my purchases from Scott's this weekend. While these Foo dog statues are not true antiques, they are a cool accessory that remind me of my travels to Asia for work. (Plus, I have seen them all over the design blogs recently, like here, here, and here.)

According to Wikipedia (the ultimate source of information!), Foo dogs, or Chinese guardian lions, are a common representation of the lion in pre-modern China, which is believed to have powerful mythic protective powers that has traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial palaces (like the Forbidden City in Beijing where I saw them!), temples, emperors' tombs, government offices, and the homes of government officials and the wealthy from the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD 220), until the end of the empire in 1911. The lions are always created in pairs, with the male playing with a ball and the female with a cub. (Sounds about right!)

My question to you is this:

On our desk in the living room?

(Note: Be on the look out for big changes to this area of our house in the future- we've got plans!)

On the console table in the dining room?
(Also note: China cabinet coming in the next month. Yay!)

On the bookshelves in the family room?
(Note: I have plans to paint the back of the shelves a soft green.)

On the mantle in the master bedroom?
(Note: This room is also getting a makeover soon!)

So, where should they live? You tell me.

(Note: All of these "notes" make me realize how much "work" I have signed myself up for!)

Have a great day!


July Scott Antique Market Trip

I took the day off of work Friday and visited Scott Antique Market with my mom. Here is a look at our day in pictures. We are thinking of taking clients on shopping treks to help them pick out furniture and accessories for their home. What do you think? Would you be interested in attending?

Look for a post on my purchases later in the week!