Tuesday, June 29, 2010

JCPenney Find

I don't normally shop at JCPenney, but a fellow blogger recently reported finding a few furniture steals on their website. Naturally, I went over to www.jcpenney.com to check it out. I selected Home Store, right there on the front page was this beauty for just $69! If I had a small patio like at my old condo, I would buy this instantly. Need a seating area for a small space? This set is extremely versatile and so sweet.

(I know I already posted today-- but I thought that this was such a great find!)

Crate+Barrel Sale

I walked across the street to Lenox yesterday at lunch to run a few errands-- the battery in Ryan's watch needed to be replaced and I had a disposable camera from our anniversary trip to Mexico to be developed. (I know what you are thinking-- "Disposable camera? Didn't those disappear in the late 90s?" The answer: You would think. However, when you drop your camera on the tile floor on day one of your vacation, you are left with no other options to document your amazing trip.) Anyway...

While I was waiting, I stumbled into Crate+Barrel and discovered that they are having an incredible sale right now. Check out some of the things I found on sale! While I refrained from making any purchases due to the expensive run I have had with technology (I failed to mention that I also dropped our laptop a week later) -- I recommend you go in and take a look!

I love these white pillows. The fabric has a rich texture but is still soft. At $14.95, these still might make their way into my home.
I am a neutrals girl. I am trying to slowly bring color into my house. BUT, I think nothing is more relaxing and soothing than a neutral tone-on-tone bathroom. Check out this taupe and white shower curtain on sale for just $24.95.

Love. That's the only way to describe how I feel about these gray woven side chairs. So chic. So affordable at only $99.95.
You already know I love birds. And the husband doesn't. But how cute is this little cement bird for the deck? He is only $4.95. Again, this guy might make his way into my basket and onto my deck. (And into my heart.)
That's all I have for today. What do you think?

I know I have been MIA-- but now that I have a shiny, new digital camera, I am back in action. Look for upcoming posts on the stone stairs and pathway the husband put in this month, a before-and-after feature from my brother and sister-in-laws house, and coverage of the "Fix and Mix" couples shower we threw this weekend.

Is there any other topics you want me to cover? Just let me know! I welcome ideas.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hugh & Audrey: Fix & Mix Shower!

The amazing Emily McCarthy of Emma J designs has done it again. She produced an incredibly chic invitation for the shower Ryan, myself, and some of the other groomsmen and significant others are hosting for our dear friends (and soon-to-be newlyweds), Audrey and Hugh!

The theme for this couples' shower is "Fix & Mix", or tools and kitchen, for those of you not up on your showerspeak. We have planned the shower to appeal to the male and female crowds by making it a cookout-- but with class!

Ryan and I (but mostly Ryan) have been in super-landscaping mode to prepare. The deck rails are painted. The decking has been cleaned. The house has been pressure washed. The stone stairway to the backyard was put in. The lighting was added to the landscaping. A stepping stone path leading the deck was installed. The landscaping was weeded and mulched. Whew! (Pictures of those projects to come...)

Check out the invitation below! The shower is this Saturday night-- so I am in full food prep mode. With this crowd, it's sure to be a good time!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guest Blogger: Nana's Nursery

I am excited to feature my first guest blogger! My mother and business partner at Chapin Group, Wendy Teusink, became a "nana" for the first time last Monday. She is in the process of converting my childhood bedroom (get ready, this is hilarious) into a nursery for Addyson and all future grandchildren. Check out her progress below:

With the arrival of my first grandchild, Addyson Rae Borngesser, on Monday, May 24, it is time for me to convert Ashley's old bedroom into a nursery/guest room. (Yes, this was supposed to be completed before her arrival!)

With Ashley's first anniversary next week and her ten year high school reunion next year, I think it is finally time to redecorate her childhood bedroom. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of it when it was first decorated. Many items from the original design went off to college and to her first home (and to goodwill!). Leaving what you see here:

Really, it was cute in the beginning. I swear! Yes, all the trim is painted purple, thank goodness for Kilz. Time to part company with some of these childhood treasures! They will be headed for Ebay soon.

Pictures of old boyfriends and cheerleading days are probably best moved to the photo album. It's probably best to move the extra bolts of fabric back into my studio. The doll house and fire station I found at the Pottery Barn Outlet were my first "Nana purchases" and will stay in the room.

The brass bed will also stay with this bedding from Pottery Barn:

The trundle bed will go back underneath to make room for a crib. I guess all those boxes of Ashley's things stored underneath will be making the trip to her new house!

This is the crib bedding I purchased on sale at PB Kids for the room:

First things first, time to pick out a new ceiling fan, new carpet and paint. Hmm...wonder if this is why Ken went camping this weekend!


Thanks for the guest post, Mom! I cannot wait to see the end result!