Monday, October 4, 2010

Kristen & Joe’s “What’s Cooking?” Kitchen Shower

On Saturday, Ryan and I had the honor of co-hosting a Couples Kitchen Shower with our friends Maggie & Tim and Nancy & Todd. The weather was perfect for this fall shower for the future Mr. and Mrs. Powers. Check out the pictures captured from the event.


  1. I absolutely LOVE all of the details of this shower!! Great job!!

  2. Ashley- I love all that you did for this shower! It is so thoughtful, down to the detail. Looks like a lot of fun!

    I was hoping you had a suggestion I could use as Ellie's 1st birthday party "favor." Obviously, she is only 1 so I know I shouldn't get too carried away...but it's too much fun! It is going to be Mini Mouse (pink) theme. Maci Fahring is making her a shirt and a friend is making homemade invitations and decorations. I thought of just making "cake pops" (which I saw you've made before). Would you mind sending me the recipe or do you have another fun idea? We are going to have a cake for her already, so maybe something else simple and cute?
    The majority of guests will be adults and some kiddos...but not many.

    Thanks for your help!!
    Jennifer (Tamburo) Lopez

  3. You really need to open your own special event facility. Your tallents are very impressive.

  4. Jennifer--

    I apologize for the delay. I just saw your response. I think that giving cake pops to guests as a favor is a great idea-- plus they make a pretty display that will add to the decor. I will post the cake pop recipe tonight on the blog to ensure that you have all of the details. A few suggestions for the Minnie-theme:

    -For the candied shell, I would recommend that you use pink candies.

    -You may be able to find small chocolate candies in the shape of circles that you could add to the top of each cakepop to look like ears!

    -You buy the candies and the sticks at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

    -You will need a block of Styrofoam to stick the pops into to dry/display. We cut a piece to fit in the top of a copy paper box. We spray painted the Styrofoam green. (You need to use special spray paint from Michael's that will not disintegrate the Styrofoam-- just ask!) I would recommend doing pink. You could then buy pink fabric with big white polka dots, like Minnie's dress, to wrap the box top with to make an adorable display!

    -Finally, you can buy cellophane wrappers to put over the top if they are for guests to take home. You can print up some simple labels at home with a picture of Minnie and a little saying like "'Minnie' thanks for coming to Ellie's 1st Birthday!" or simply "Ellie is One!"

    Again, I will post the recipe tonight. If you decide to make them, please send me a picture so I can see the result!


  5. Your house is beautiful! What a fun shower you threw! I love the details. Where did you find your burlap table runner with the red stripe?

  6. Hey Laura!

    Thank you so much. The burlap runner on the kitchen table is from Pottery Barn. (I actually borrowed that from a friend!)They went on sale at the store recently.

    Not pictured is a similar, but shorted burlap sack with a blue stripe that I put on my coffee table. (I will post a picture of that one soon!) We found that one at Scott's Antiques-- for a much more reasonable price. If you have not been, you should DEFINITELY visit. It's the 2nd weekend of every month in Atlanta.

    [PS-- The reminds me that I owe you an email.]

  7. Ash,

    The runner with the blue stripe on your coffee table is actually one I picked up at Nell Hills in KC. It was one of those items that was a great price, I loved it and had no idea what I would do with it. Of course, I bought it for my stash. Hmmm, interesting how it happens to end up in your house!

    They do sell fabric by the yard at Scott's. Some of it is vintage and quite pricey. There are some great reproduction fabrics available, however.