Friday, November 5, 2010

Guest Post: From Placemats to Pillows

My lovely, creative mother was kind enough to submit a guest post on a project that she recently completed for our company, Chapin Group Interiors. I think that you are going to like this! Thanks, mom!
From Placemats to Pillows...

Looking for that perfect accent pillow? Check out the placemats at your local home store. A client found these great block print placemats on the clearance rack at Pottery Barn and knew the fabric was the perfect complement for her sofa.

She already had a pillow of the same size she no longer wanted, so we didnt even have to buy a pillow form.
Because I wanted to preserve the border on the edges, I did some experimentation. I tried adding flanges to the sides, but I didn't love the look. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture!)
In the end, I topstitched close to the finished edges of the placemat on the ends, so the whole border was preserved. I think Jill will be thrilled with her new pillow! The materials were less than $5!

Happy Decorating!



Thanks, mom! I may or may not be on my way to raid the nearest Homegoods!




  1. Wow! Your mom rocks! This is perfect inspiration and just the right sized sewing project for a weekend afternoon. I'll be on the hunt for pretty prints on placemats now!

  2. that is SO genius. i can't wait to try it!