Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cookie Party

Happy New Year!  Our holidays turned pretty hectic with the combination of travel, out-of-town guests, and a nasty cold -- so I am just getting back to the blog.  I am working on a couple of posts and hope to be less sporadic in the new year.  For today, however, my mom prepared a guest post about our recent return visit to DC (this time WITH husbands) for my Aunt Lynne's annual cookie party.  Enjoy!

In Wendy's Words...

Each year, my sister hosts a Christmas Cookie Open House for family, friends, neighbors and work associates. After hearing rumors that this might be the last year for the extravaganza, Ashley and I (along with Ken and Ryan) decided to make the journey to Alexandria to attend this year’s festivities.

After several days of sightseeing in D.C.,

Operation Cookie Party Preparation began!

Cookies were unloaded from two freezers at the house and an overflow freezer at the school where Lynne teaches. She stopped counting at 350 dozen!

Last minute touches were added to varieties that didn’t freeze well.


Saturday morning, arranging all the cookies on serving pieces was a major undertaking. Lynne has a huge collection of milk glass that she uses every year to display the cookies.

Ashley carefully arranges the ribbon cookies with all the stripes lined up in the same order.

We had to stop Grandma Britt from prying apart the cookies that were stuck together; Lynne had carefully sandwiched the chocolate stars together with raspberry preserves.

With everyone dressed in their festive attire, we began removing the saran wrap at 12:30 in anticipation of the 1:00 start time

Party Time!

The green and red color scheme of their home makes for very festive Christmas décor.

While the dining room held the most cookies, they were everywhere throughout the house.

On the desk and bookshelves in the office

On every available surface in the living room.

Even the upstairs landing had cookies.

I love how she has included her children’s early artwork in her holiday décor.

Jared’s masterpiece: “Santa in the Blender”

Clyde got into the festive spirit of the party!

Dixie was just hoping for dropped cookies.

Another Successful Cookie Party!


  1. Did I detect sarcasm in calling my artwork a "masterpiece"? I sure hope not.

  2. Great post Wendy and great pictures Ashley. I never have time to take them myself.

  3. I tagged you in a fun blogger game!