Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pinwheel Shower for Baby Powers

What a lovely weekend in Atlanta! Friday and Sunday were low key, while Saturday was spent throwing a baby shower with girls I love for a friend we adore.  Our friends Kristen and Joe are expecting their first bundle of joy, a bouncing baby boy, in early June, and I simply cannot wait to watch them become parents. They are two of the most thoughtful, loving and fun people that I am blessed to call friends, and I just know that they will make incredible parents. Baby Boy Powers is one lucky little guy!
To celebrate his impending arrival, five of his anxiously awaiting "aunts" threw him a navy blue and kelly green pinwheel-themed shower. I just love how it all turned out!

The Walshes graciously allowed us to use their home for our seated luncheon - and Maggie is ever the wonderful hostess.  We wanted the shower to have a familial feel to it, and thought a seated luncheon would allow for that.  We used their dining room and adjoining formal living room to seat all 24 guests.  (Thanks for moving the furniture, Tim!)


The table elements were our primary decor.  We used white linens as a base, and I made navy and white stripe runners for all of the tables. (Thanks for serging all of the edges, Mom!)  Maggie made personalized place cards for each guest.  She also designed note cards to tuck into each napkin for guests to fill out for Baby Powers' shower scrapbook.  (Isn't she talented?)  The guest of honor had a personalized pinwheel baby bib tucked into her napkin that Miss Ashley J just "whipped up" - such a great memento! 
We clipped gorgeous, seasonal azaleas from Maggie's yard for the table vases which were also festooned with the adorable pinwheels Laura handmade.  (We're a crafty bunch!)
The cake was my absolute favorite detail!  We ordered a plain tiered cake (the lady at the bakery could NOT understand why we would want it plain), and Laura created more precious pinwheels for decor.  Absolutely love. 

A pinwheel wreath was placed on the door.  My mom keeps Emily two days a week for me - and made these (along with the pinwheel banners) while she napped last week.  Now that's good help!

The entry table featured a pinwheel and twine banner along with baby pictures of Kristen and Joe (so cute!) and a scrapbook for Baby Powers that Ashley J created.  It will include the guests' wishes, photos, and other shower memorabilia.

More pinwheels were waiting in the family room where we enjoyed pre-lunch champagne.


...And where guests could play a game about Kristen and Joe as babies - game cards also designed by Maggie.  Leigh had a great time working with the moms to get these answers!
The menu was an assortment of salads intended to be served family-style.

Every guest was sent home with gladiolus bulbs as a favor.  If planted now, the flowers should bloom just as Baby P is making his grand entrance.  Welcome little one!

..and no shower is complete without stacks of presents wrapped in a lilywrap gift wrap!

Sorry that my photos are only of the shower setup!  Ashley J had camera duty during the shower with all of the people shots!

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