Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekend Project: Painting the Bookshelves

The paint is purchased. There is no turning back now! Over a year ago, my mom suggested painting the back of our living room bookshelves to add a bit of color to the room. Doing so would also highlight the books, knickknacks, and the like on display in this focal point of our home.

I have gone back and forth-- and back and forth-- over whether we should do it. What if I hate it? What if the color is off? I have finally realized that if I hate it I am only out the $13.09 that I spent on paint last night at Lowe's. I can paint it back. No. Big. Deal.

So...wish me luck! I will post before and after pictures once it's complete!

Here's a peek at some of my inspiration pictures:

Not the right palette for our house-- but I love the look.

Martha Stewart

This is the same concept-- but for the kitchen. Can you imagine how boring that would be if it was all white?
Martha Stewart

Maybe a little bright...but doesn't it draw in your attention?

House & Home

I am hoping that my results look a little more like this example. I am using a similar shade of green as a back drop...
Martha Stewart

Thoughts? Advice?

All my best,


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  1. Can't wait to see the finished product!!!