Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Organization Project 1: The Pantry

I was inspired by fellow blogger, Lauren, of Pure Style Home to get organized in the new year. (She has an amazing blog that you should definitely check out.) She is posting an organizational challenge each week. I decided to periodically post organization projects to hopefully inspire readers to have a more organized, easier 2010. As much as I would love to, I cannot commit to one per week. (Our house would love it if I did though!) I encourage you to follow my lead and email me with pictures of your successes for future posts.


The Problem: Our pantry is limited in size and is very deep. This makes accessing and organizing our food quite the challenge. We both love to cook and are constantly in and out of the pantry. We want easier access and more usable storage space.

The Solution: We found sliding baskets at Lowe's that fit the cabinet openings perfectly. I cleared out all of the food items and sorted them into loose categories-- baking, snacks, breads, beverages, etc. Ryan then installed the baskets in four of the six shelves. We did not install them on every shelf to allow us some flexibility. We can now use the space from front to back while keeping at least some level of organization. I LOVE it!

Check out the project below.

(Please note: I am horrified to publicly display the disarray that was our pantry before the project.)

BEFORE: A complete disaster.

DURING: Clearing out the space.

AFTER: Much improved organization and access.

We added this smaller shelf to store coffee and tea.

I need to give a lot of credit to my husband. I am blessed with a super organized, hardworking husband who is possibly more driven than I am to get things done around the house. I can throw out ideas left and right, but he is the "implementer" in the relationship. This project would not have transpired without his urging. Thanks, Ryan!

Happy Organizing! Let me know what you think--


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