Monday, October 17, 2011

Giraffe Baby Shower: Welcome Everett!

This little guy (my precious nephew) surprised everyone by showing up 5 weeks early on December 2, 2010. Apparently, he is not one to miss a party--- his baby shower (or rather, my sister-in-law Paige's baby shower) was scheduled for that weekend on December 6. Since Everett needed to spend a couple of weeks in the NICU developing stronger lungs, the hostesses went ahead with the shower to give mom a nice distraction.
Everett's shower was inspired by his soon-to-be black, white, and yellow giraffe nursery. Paige picked out some killer fabrics for my mom to sew into bedding, curtains, and cushion covers for the rocker.
Guests were welcomed to the shower at Josie's gorgeous home with this door sign created by my mom. She was inspired by a picture she had seen on Etsy and my brother's love of books. She picked up some inexpensive books from the thrift store, a canvas, and a jar of decopage. I love how it turned out.
For the tablecloth, we used some of the fabric that was destined to be used for curtains. (We were able to capitalize on EV's early arrival!) Patty, Kim, Josie, and myself were able to put together a delicious menu of lunch foods...if I do say so myself.

I am normally against silly baby shower games, but I loved this idea from Josie. She wrapped a box and filled it with 20 small "diaper bag items". I created submission sheets on card stock to distribute to guests upon their arrival. Guests filled out the sheet with their guesses throughout the party. Prior to opening gifts, Josie pulled out the items one-by-one from the box. The guest with the highest number right won a $10 Starbucks card. Who doesn't love a good prize?
For decor, we simply hung a clothesline with onesies and giraffe print outs. Patty and Kim made tissue paper puffs in yellow, black, and white to hang from the light fixtures.
The hostesses and Paige -- celebrating a successful shower just days after Everett's surprise arrival!
For a party favor, I made giraffe-shaped sugar cookies using a cookie cutter I found for $1 at Sur la Table. (Love that store.) My mom and grandma helped me ice and package them the night before!


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  2. I love your blogs! Your ideas are amazing and everything looks wonderful. Your mom has promised that we should meet sometime - I look forward to it!