Monday, October 24, 2011

Weldon Loft: The Entryway

Yesterday, I wrote about our relaxing weekend spent in Rome visiting dear friends.  However, I would be doing you a disservice if I did not give you a tour of the Weldon's stunning loft in the downtown district.  They are on the top floor (read: high ceilings and great views!) of a historic building overlooking the beautiful sites of the city -- charming main street, the old clocktower, the river, and more.  
Leigh wanted their new place to be a welcoming and comfortable home.  But, knowing that this was not their "forever home" -- she wanted to work with the furniture they already owned and update the look with accessories, lighting, pillows, and artwork.  To do so, she worked with a local Rome designer.

First up?  The entryway.  This dramatic entryway sets the tone for the entire loft.  Leigh's husband, an avid hunter, had one request for their first home together: his first buck had to hang on the wall.  He agreed to store the other bucks, gators, ducks, etc -- but this buck was a must.  (See the priority he placed on the buck when they moved to Rome!) 

Leigh was not excited about bringing the outdoors into her decor-- but she conceded to his only request.  We had many conversations about ways to incorporate/hide the looming deerhead.  Like this pin I showed her on Pinterest.  (Technically, animal is in!) Leigh was even less excited when she discovered that the only place the buck really fit was in the entryway.  The first thing guests would see.  Great.

Fast forward a few months and enter her decorator.  He accessorized around the deer and her existing console table to create a stunning entry.  He created a symmetrical look with a two-toned mirror flanked by lamps with enough height to balance the tall ceilings. 

 The driftwood accessory, the only other natural element in the arrangement, ties the deer into the look nicely.
The upholstered bench adds weight to the entry display -- and also gives Leigh additional storage (for such important items as wrapping supplies).

 To personalize the space, Leigh put together a gallery wall on the left side of the entry that includes an engagement photo, portraits from their wedding day, their wedding invitation, and a rendering of the church where they were married.  (Conveniently, they can now see the church steeple out their window!)

This weekend, Leigh claimed that of all the decorating she has done in her new home -- the entryway (with the buck!) was her favorite.  Isn't it funny how that happens?  Sometimes you just need an outsider's perspective.

Stay tuned for posts on the living room, kitchen & dining room, master bedroom & bath, and guest bedroom & bath.

What's your favorite part of this room?


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