Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Healthy Slice of Life: Autumn Spiced Almonds

My friend Brittany has an incredible healthy living blog, A Healthy Slice of Life.  I look forward to reading her posts each night as they are delivered to my inbox.  She has a great outlook on eating and exercising right, helpful tips, and tasty recipes (including great freezer ready meals for my expectant mom friends out there).  Best of all, she is funny, honest, balanced, and completely transparent about her own life.  Please check it out!

 In addition to her blog, she also has a one month-old precious baby girl.  With the new addition on the way, Brittany incorporated a lot of information on her blog about pregnancy, specifically about eating right and preparing for a little bundle of joy, that was both insightful and entertaining.  Isn't Hailey precious?

Anyway, the reason I bring up Brittany and her blog....

Yesterday, she made my day...TWICE.  First, she gave me a call out in her blog.  Being the avid reader that I am, this alone made me smile.  You see, on Friday I posted a status update to Facebook touting the amazingness of the new Planter's Pumpkin Spice Almonds my mother bought me as a treat.  I am a sucker for all things pumpkin...pumpkin cranberry bread, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie, toasted pumpkin seeds...  Nothing says fall like a little pumpkin! 

Anyway, Brittany saw the post.  She "liked" it.  (Duh.)   And then in true Brittany-style, she showed  her readers how to MAKE them at home.  Here is a sneak peak at the making of Autumn Spiced Almonds from a Healthy Slice of Life.  For the full recipe, visit Brittany's site.  I can't wait to try these for myself this weekend!

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