Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas At Our House

My effort to catch up on my Christmas blogs continues. The holiday is over, but why not enjoy that warm feeling of comfort and joy one last time? Here is a glimpse of the holiday decor at our house for our first Christmas as a married couple. I cannot wait to add to our collection of holiday heirlooms in the coming years.

The tree is the focal point of the house. We trimmed our tree with our childhood ornaments, but wanted to give the tree a uniform look as well. We achieved this by starting the decorating with an even distribution of beaded fruit ornaments (including pears, pomegranates, and apples) and gold tassels. Next year, I want to place poinsettias throughout the tree for a fun pop of color. Take a look:

For the dining room, I wanted to really make a statement on the table. I started with a red runner to provide a base for the centerpieces. Next, I used many of my glass vases and apothecary jars along with silver platters that I received as wedding presents to line the length of the table. The jars and platters were filled with festive red Christmas items including ornaments and candy canes. My two favorite elements?

1. I was able to incorporate many of the (70!) crystal candlesticks I collected for our wedding into the tablescape. What a fun reminder of our big day!

2. I filled a silver bowl with antique Christmas ornaments purchased at thrift stores and antique markets. The ornaments have so much character, and I love how they add an interesting element to the table.

Check it out:

Here is a little peek at the dome on my kitchen counter. I have a recent obsession with bird decor. My husband is not on board, but he tolerates them for me!

With the kitchen table, I wanted to take a less formal approach. I filled apothecary jars with pine cones from the yard, gum drops, and candy canes. I added a poinsettia and cut glass balls to add variation. I originally had all of the items just sitting on the table, but I wanted the arrangement to feel more cohesive. I found this gold mirror in the closet that was perfect! I love the way it reflects the light of the candle!

Last but not least, my front entryway welcomes guests with just a hint of winter.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday! I plan to start my 2o1o posts soon!

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  1. Love the antique ornaments, many of which were purchased at Scotland Yard in downtown Lawrenceville.