Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kristen Moves to Chapel Hill

Maggie and I pose with the setup.
My dear friend Kristen officially left Atlanta after Thanksgiving to be close to her boyfriend, Joe. Joe is completing a pediatric medical residency at UNC-Chapel Hill. As sad as I am to see Kristen go, I am so excited for this new adventure in her life. My friend Maggie and I (with help from the hubbies) threw a going away party for Kristen in December featuring all of "Krissy's Favorite Things"! We had a great time planning the party and trying to surprise Kristen. Take a look at a few of the night's features...

First, every great party should feature a personalized koozie! Kristen's favorite color is purple. These giveaways were a huge hit!
Kristen ends each day with a cup of "hot chock-ie and mallows". Of course, this version had a hint of peppermint schnapps for a bit of seasonal flair.
The table is almost complete in anticipation. I added some purple ornaments to my existing holiday decor to pull in the guest of honor's favorite color.
Shot glasses filled with Souper Jenny soups added a fun touch. We purchased these inexpensive shot glasses at Ikea for another shower. (For that event, the glasses were filled with mini key lime pie and brownie desserts. They are so versatile!)
We ordered plenty of sushi from Ru San's to commemorate the many girl's dinners at various sushi restaurants in Atlanta.
Kristen loves grilled cheese "sammies". These unassuming sandwiches were a hit. My secret ingredient? Apple butter. So simple. So delicious.
Purple mini "cup-i-cakes" added a sweet ending to the party.

We miss Kristen dearly-- but we're so glad that we could send her off in style!

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  1. "Krissy", "Hubbie", "Chockie", and "Sammies"!?!? You are going to have to come clean my breakfast off my keyboard.