Friday, November 11, 2011

November Scott Antique Trip

Oh, Scott's.  How I have missed you.  I have not been to Scott's in at least 8 months.  My mom shops Scott's every month for her clients and has all sorts of great inside knowledge-- so we like to go together. But, she only likes to go on Friday's when it's not as crowded or as picked over.   Attending on Friday requires me to take a day off of work, which I can only do every so often.  However, today's finds remind that it's completely worth it!
I took a ton of pictures to share -- see them below:
 (I forgot my regular camera, so these are iPhone shots.  Sorry!)

 Great light green antique leather settee

I love the burlap and chicken wire combination used for these light shades.

Antique sleds were out in full force to prepare for the holidays.  I adore the one I bought last year -- however, I did have to explain to my husband that he could not ACTUALLY use it during last January's snowstorm.

This booth had a huge array of antique game boards.  These would be perfect framed in a playroom, media room, or kid's room!

I really liked the holiday displays in this booth using just silvers, greens, and brown.  I snapped a few photos that I am going to try and recreate at my house this year.  Antlers (see Leigh, they are in!) and greenery inside a lantern makes a simple, elegant winter display.  My mom snagged a few antlers to use at her house.

We chatted with the gentleman from altered for quite a while -- he makes furniture and decorative accessories all out of church pews.  They are AMAZING.  See those two brown benches in front?  They are from the same church -- the lighter one was near a window.  He makes tables, chairs, benches, vases, candesticks, and more all out of the pews.  So cool!   His website is not up quite yet-- but I have his card if anyone is interested.

I saw these European olive picking buckets -- and it was love at first sight.  (Despite their $59/each price tag!)  They reminded me of our trip to the olive groves during our Italian vacation in May. 

Alas!  They were sold.  Much to my luck, however, several other vendors were carrying them.  I saw these olive buckets carried out of Scott's by patrons left and right.  I purchased my own from one of my favorite outdoor vendors for...$35!  These are selling on for $75-$250 right now.  What a steal!

Check out this antique double decanter carrier.  Pottery Barn just added a reproduction of one of these to their new line.  This would make a great Christmas gift for the special man in your life.

How sweet is this antique baby scale?

I'm a sucker for vintage baby blocks.  The booth display spelled my father-in-law's name, Rex.  I had to snap a picture!  (For some reason, Blogger insists on displaying the photo sideways...)

Burlap chests.  Love.

A beautiful seafoam green chest to be used as a sideboard or dresser.  See that white tag?  It says sold.  Merchandise was selling SO quickly today.

Owl andirons for in front of a fireplace.  I bet these sold quickly given the popularity of owls in the design world.

Galvanized table.  Very industrial looking.

Everywhere you looked vendors were carrying vintage suitcases.  A few of these stacked makes a fabulous end table or bedside table.  The cases in this stack ranged from $45-75 -- not bad!

Leigh, this is for you.  You case Ryan 2 doesn't know what to do with his deer feet.  (Seriously, WHO would use this lamp?)

Mom gives her legs a rest among a sea of linen seating options.

Jars, pots, wine casks galore!

I am not always a huge fan of brass-- but there is something about this antique brass light fixture that I just love. 

All of the industrial furniture makes me want another house to decorate...

I thought that this could make a really pretty Christmas centerpiece -- vintage ornaments hung from a lamp shade frame.

Hands reaching to the sky...

I *think* that this is an old dental chair.  As such, I promptly texted my pediatric dentist friend, Leigh, a picture.  We had the following hilarious exchange:

Ashley: This chair looks medical so I bought it for you.  You're welcome.
Leigh: And it looks so comfortable!  Thanks, friend! :)
Ashley: No problem!  If it doesn't fit in your house you can always use it at the office -- it won't scare the kids at all!
Leigh: Perfect!  I'll call it the Magical - not at all for medical experimentation - special chair. 
Ashley:  Hahahaha!

Mantels, pillows, and more olive picking buckets...

I was amazed at the selection of funky chairs.  These remind me of my brother's law office...


I seriously considered these cube trunks for $110. 

 Wine racks...

I can't forget to share Ryan's Christmas present for this year -- a smoker/grill in the shape of a bull!  (The smoke literally comes out of its nose.)  I could not stop laughing!  I was also surprised the bull grill was only priced at $675.  Somehow, I thought that this beauty would be priced higher...

Old light bulbs filling the box -- I just thought this looked interesting...

Mirrors, coral, rocking horse....

Deer antlers my mom snatched up for just $15 each.  (She would want me to inform you that deer shed their antlers every year.  No deer were killed for her decorating desires...)

Pretty chair fabric...

Lamps made out of all sorts of repurposed objects -- gears, water meter covers, coils, etc.  So neat!

Last, but not least, how cool are these orb-shaped iron pieces?  My mom wants to wire one as a light and hang it above her family room coffee table.   I love the idea.

Whew!  That was a lot.  Based on the responses to my previous post, the next posts will be about My Fall Decor, What I Want for Christmas, and a DIY Wall Unit.  I also plan to post a Pinterest recipe I made for tomorrow's UGA football game against Auburn.  Go Dawgs!


  1. And that was only in the South Building!

  2. Wish I'd seen this before we went! I definitely would have bought a suitcase.

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