Monday, March 8, 2010

Decorating Chapel Hill Style

Ryan and I traveled to Chapel Hill last weekend to visit our fabulous friends, Kristen and Joe. Kristen and Joe relocated to North Carolina for a few years while Joe completes his pediatric residency at UNC-Chapel Hill. You may remember this story from my post on Kristen's going away party in November. We miss them dearly, but we had SUCH a fabulous time visiting. The visit mostly consisted of eating delicious food, drinking great wine, fun convos, an epic foot race, shopping for the girls, and golf for the boys-- all-in-all a success!

This was actually my second trip to visit their lovely home in just two months-- lucky me! Several of our friends flew up for a girl's weekend in January. While there, we were SO impressed with the amount of decorating Kristen had accomplished in just a month. They rented a great place near campus to call home during their few years in Chapel Hill. Kristen used a burnt orange color palette that she expertly wove all throughout the kitchen and living space to make their place feel homey. The color gives off a warm feeling and adds excitement to each room. See for yourself:

Kristen began decorating with inspiration from the burnt orange color. She painted two accent walls in the living room.

Here is what the second accent wall looked like on my first visit. In talking to Kristen, I recommended that she add a second picture above the first to add height to the enclave.

And what do you know? She listened to me. Isn't it great?

The coffee station just inside the kitchen displays oranges and continues the palette.

The copper pots mounted above the sink, the bright yellow sunflowers, and the bold rug complement the burnt orange nicely.

Kristen continued the color scheme in the kitchen with the pops of yellow and orange in the rubber spatulas and book displayed. (Of course, I love that the book pays homage to the great city of Atlanta!)

Between the kitchen and the living room, Kristen placed this GORGEOUS antique hutch. I just love how much character this adds to the room. The floral arrangement, brown bottles, and orange stool are perfect for the display.

This lamp is absolutely perfect for the living room. (It sits directly across from the big orange wall.) Gotta love Homegoods! This is how the corner of the living room looked on my first visit. I told her that the lamp was fairly hidden and was too beautiful not to display more prominently. I advised her to elevate it on a stack of books, cigar boxes, or some other platform.

And again, she listened. Kristen decided when she got home from the store that the box under the lamp is a little too high, but it works for now. See what a difference that makes?

Here's a closer look. Notice the storage basket beneath the table. Kristen and Joe did a great job of getting the most out of storage space in their cozy home.

Thank you both for the wonderful hospitality, the amazing weekend, and allowing me to showcase your home. Now we just need to plan the next visit so I can display the beautiful blue bedroom!


  1. This looks lovely. Do you know exactly what paint color and brand the burnt orange walls are?

  2. Yes please do post the paint color and brand of the burnt orange. ty

  3. Sorry for the delay! I missed these comments. The color is Behr paint in Caramelized Orange.