Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Burlap: It's Everywhere!

I absolutely love the trend that's going on with burlap and old coffee sacks right now. I see them everywhere from etsy to Pottery Barn to Scott's. (Remember my my previous post about the adorable corners on that burlap pillow?) Want to add this trend to your home? Find ideas below:

I love this bulletin board idea that my mom sent me. We are thinking of making these for the booth.

coffee sack inspiration/cork board on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
[via Houzz.com]

The burlap table skirt below gives a soft touch to this sitting area without looking too traditional. You could just buy burlap and do it yourself.

[via Cottage Living]

Don't want to DIY? Pottery Barn has these skirts on sale right now.

[via Pottery Barn]

Need a new reusable shopping bag? Check out this market bag:
[via Vintageweave Interiors]

I adore these burlap basket liners Pottery Barn is selling. They change the whole feel of the basket. They are sold in sets of three-- imagine a console table with three baskets lined at the bottom filled with coral or books or some other treasure.[via Pottery Barn]

Burlap pillows come in every shape from square to bolster to round. I love this one with an ampersand from the Petit Coterie site on etsy. (I heart etsy as well, but that's a whole different story.)

[via Petit Coterie]

In my search for more burlap, I came across a great post from Brooke at Velvet & Linen. Check out the incredible burlap headboards and bench she and her husband made for one of their clients. Such talent!

[via Velvet & Linen]

What is your reaction to burlap being used in the home?



  1. I am so ahead of the curve! I have had my fringed burlap tablecloth in the living room for years. (From Ballards) I did add burlap curtains to my sewing room - they provide a great backdrop for Berta, my antique mannequin.

    Burlap is very cheap so it would be perfect for your first sewing project. By the way, I hear Paige is halfway through her "Sewing for Dummie" book.

  2. Ashley - so glad I remembered your blog after seeing it on FB...since I am hard at work decorating our craftsman style house, it is great to see these entries! Burlap Napkin rings are cool too...there are some on etsy, and I bought the materials to make some like these (as a gift), but I haven't yet. http://mayamade.blogspot.com/2009/11/simple-gifts-monogrammed-napkin-ring-in.html
    BTW, I also got a Brother sewing machine for Christmas, and I am slowly diving into the new hobby!

  3. Kelly! I love that idea. So fun to connect on here. I would love to see some of your projects. Maybe I could do a featured post? I am always looking for new ideas.

    I believe we are neighbors, so perhaps we could sew together!