Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dwell Studios for Target

I admit, I was lurking around checking out their new Spring shoe collection. However, what I discovered was even better than an inexpensive pair of heels!

Target is featuring some amazing new items in their home line, Dwell Studios. Their stuff is SO cute. Their bold fabric prints add a fabulous pop of color to any room. I cannot wait for these items to arrive in store. (According to the website, shipments should arrive in about two weeks.) As is the norm with Target, their prices are incredible. I selected a sampling of items below, but you should check out the full selection online. Happy Shopping!

Love this yellow and gray pillow. It would look great with the Swedish furniture look. (Only $24.99!)
I am a sucker for birds. This unassuming little gem is also only $24.99.The Eastern influences of this print really stand out to me. This is not my normal look-- but I just think the pattern is so eye-catching-- $69.99.
My FAVORITE. This reminds me of my wedding (aka, the best day of my life). The yellow color, rosette flowers, and just overall girly-ness of this pillow make me want it right now. (Where to put it though?) The best part? Check out the amazing graphic pattern on the back. Ugh. So great. (Side note: Apparently this is already out of stock, but not even in stores yet?? I guess I am not the only one who likes it...sad.)

This beauty might find it's way into the girly guest room. Right now, that guest room is all whites and neutrals-- so I could totally add this for a little bit of fun. (Not to mention, my husband rarely goes in this room, so it is the perfect place for a bird! For those of you that don't know, Ryan is not really keen on my love for birds in decor...) The back of this pillow is amazing as well. Again, only $24.99
How sweet is this bedding? It reminds me of sophisticated clouds. Just $69.99

Let me know if you find any great steals for future posts!



  1. I want to clarify something-- I am not having a baby. My sister-in-law is-- so my mom (see comment above) is very excited!

  2. great pillows... love the prints and the rose appliques... have a nice weekend!

  3. They had three of the out of stock pillows you love at the Mall of Georgia Target yesterday when I was there.

  4. Oh! Thanks, Jessica. I will have to check there.

    Elie, I love your etsy shop!

  5. love all of it. need to go visit in person.