Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Master Bedroom Curtains

Remember how back in October I talked about adding drapes and new lamps to my master bedroom? Well, the drapes were finally ordered and they are in! {Yes, I realize that it is four months later. And, yes, I realize that I still don't have new lamps.) However, we are making progress towards a comfy, cozy master bedroom.

In my earlier post, I planned to try out a chocolate brown velvet drape to add deep tones, texture, and a little drama. I tried the chocolate, and I hated them. The problem was that our blinds are a dark brown as well, but they have a reddish hue to them. Trying to match that hue was challenging and the dark brown was just too...well, dark. I wanted our bedroom to feel soothing and relaxing. The chocolate brown was just too much drama. Luckily, my mom spotted a middle-toned velvet drape at Pottery Barn that was PERFECT! It was darker than the wall but lighter than the blinds. These drapes offered just the right amount contrast, softness, and texture.

We hung the drapes over the weekend. Check out the difference that the softness and warmth of draperies makes in our room:


[View from the door]


[I hate that this is so dark. I was trying not to use the flash to keep the photo from overexposure.]


[Sitting area]


[Again, dark]


[View of the bed from the door. Sorry about all of the tools!]



[I used the flash in this one. As a result, the photo is overexposed and you can't see the contrast]

[Note: I should have lamps to add soon! Stay posted!]

What do you think?


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