Monday, February 1, 2010

New Additions to the Antique Booth

We have just added new finds to our booth at Scotland Yard Antiques in downtown Lawrenceville. Check out our recent finds, and be sure to inquire about those must-have items!

We just added this gorgeous white writing desk ($120) and bamboo mirror ($79). I love the look of the wheeled magazine rack ($59.99) as well. The wine cask (yes, made from a real wine cask) is custom made by Wendy ($149.99). I am seeing industrial lighting everywhere!

Vintage spools of thread add a great pop of color to a vignette or tabletop. Only $3.99 each.

Seltzer bottles add a cool retro feeling. These are a steal at $24.99. The vintage Pepsi crate is $21.99.

Lighthouse sketch is a limited edition piece. I love how the drawing bleeds onto the matting.

These library stairs were such a cool find at an estate sale. Just $79.99.

We have all sorts of accessories, but check out the ladder shelf on the left. For just $250 this adds character to any empty wall.

We were taken by these unique glass ornaments. $14.99 each.

I love these ballister candlesticks. I am tempted to purchase them for my own home! $21.99-$27.99 each.

We are adding books every week, since they seem to fly off the shelf!

More books and accessories in our expanded space.

Birdcages are everywhere this Spring. We were so excited to find this beautiful wood cage.

Apothecary jars add an old world feel AND organization to any bathroom. These are all of Belgian origin. They are perfect for storing q-tips and cotton balls. $14.99 each. We laughed that the bamboo brass tray ($39) we were so excited to find looks so much like one Eddie Ross revitalized on his blog just days later!

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