Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

As we were resetting our booth at Scotland Yard for Valentine's Day, we brainstormed a few gift ideas that combine the traditional gifts (ie, chocolates, candy hearts, flowers, etc) with keepsake items that your Valentine will proudly display forever. It's the perfect combination of traditional and sentimental without being cheesy! Whether you purchase these items from our booth or hunt for your own, you are sure to delight your Valentine!

Our Valentine's display below highlights a few of these ideas:

- Notice the crystal biscuit barrel on top. I absolutely love my (3!) biscuit barrels and use them in decorating all the time. Fill this with candy hearts, chocolates, or bath salts for a sweet and memorable gift.

-On the next shelf down we have a book stand with a red book appropriately titled "Heart Throbs". This book would look great on a bookshelf or side table, and if your Valentine loves to cook, he/she will get so much use out of this book stand. (Not into display books? Buy a romantic cookbook-- Williams-Sonoma has a GREAT selection.)

-Down one more shelf-- this antique silver rose bowl is so versatile and will be cherished forever. Fill it with her favorite flowers-- anything from peonies to hydrangeas to calla lillies or roses. You can never go wrong with flowers-- so why not give a special vase too?

- Were you thinking that I left the guys out? Of course not! This bright red cigar box adds masculinity to any office, study, or bachelor pad. The best part? You can fill it with one of his favorite things-- cigars, a watch, a gift certificate for golf lessons, etc.

- This isn't really a gift idea, but it's a great little design tip: Valentine's Day is a great time to color block your red books for a holiday touch that's not tacky or overt. Notice the striking effect it has on the ladder shelf in the first picture.

Share your great, original Valentine's Day gift ideas in the comments section below. I would love to hear what you are doing this year!


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