Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scotland Yard Booth Additions

As promised, my trusty partner/mom sent the images of our most recent additions to the booth at Scotland Yard. We had some great finds this weekend (and a lot of fun too!). We ventured out to our favorite spots despite the cold, snowy weather. All of the items below are available at the Chapin Group booth at Scotland Yard in downtown Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Love, love these test tubes and holders. They make a GREAT, eclectic vase. Check out the example below from Brooke Giannetti's blog, Velvet & Linen. Great minds think alike! Also, note the antique Singer oil can. The vendor told us that these came from an old lingerie factory. So neat! This would be a great accessory on bookshelves or a side table.

[photo via Velvet & Linen]

We purchased several of these fabulous glazed Chinese Shiwan tiles. They are approximately 12''x12" and would look great as wall hangings.

This antique clock box did not photograph well. It is great in person. It would make an interesting shadow box or a beautiful jewelry box.

We cannot keep these ballister candlesticks in stock! Their interesting lines and finishes really add character to whatever room you place them in.

Enjoy! Please stop by any time.


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  1. I was in Scotland Yard yesterday, I love your new finds. I really liked that clock box, very cool! I also like the test tube and holder... Your booth looks great!