Sunday, February 28, 2010

My First Adventure in Estate Sale-ing

Saturday morning I joined my mom on a buying excursion. We visited several estate sales going on in Atlanta this weekend. This was my very first time estate sale-ing-- and I am ADDICTED. We had a great time and met a lot of interesting people. Some sales were incredible and others were just...interesting. Regardless, we walked away with lots of great stuff. I found that the hardest part was talking myself out of keeping everything for my own home!

Check out what we found:

We picked up a few seasonal items to add a hint of Easter to the booth.

We found some great serving pieces. Add a touch of polish and they are as good as new. A simple cut glass vase in the front. In the back left, a unique silver ice bucket. I absolutely love the metal bowl with the goose neck handles. See close ups below.

Wouldn't this ice bucket be FABULOUS on a bar?

The goose detailing is so unique.

We stumbled across a few decorative accents that would look great in bookshelves or on a mantel. The cross stitch piece is of Savannah. We plan to make a custom pillow with the cross stitch as the focal point.

This banana leaf basket made for bottles might need to stay at my house. I fell in love with this at the second house. We also came across a lot of traditional delft pottery. Being that my family is Dutch, delft holds a special place in our hearts. We found that 1950s gin bottle on the right selling online for $70! We were able to bring it home for a fraction of that price.

Crazy quilting was popularized in America in the 1880s and caused quite the stir at that time. We found this beautiful, large framed antique crazy quilt at sales #3.

Finally, one of my favorite finds of the day. Doesn't this remind you of something straight out of Anthropologie? The red bamboo frame accents the embroidery perfectly. I wish I had a home for this artwork. I am sure it will not last long at the booth.

...and that is what we found. I would say it was a success! What do you think?


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  1. Items will be available in the booth on Tuesday!

    Glad your first trip was so successful, sometimes you strike out, but it is still fun to look.